The Nuremberg court rooms, Modlareuth, Bamberg & Düsseldorf

So Wednesday morning saw us nip across town on Thunderbird 2 to to the Palace of Justice and court room 600 – where the Nuremberg war trials were held. Having arrived, the big information board outside stated the courtroom was open ( as did the website) but when we went in there was a sign saying it was closed, so we asked and received a very curt ‘can you not read (dumpkof). Didn’t bode well for our visit. Then an American lady purchasing her ticket mentioned to the staff that a relative had been one of the trial lawyers. She received a ‘ So!’. So, it’ll be a very negative review on Trip advisor – not something we normally do but heyho.

We did the war trials museum. I’m not going to dwell on it, but I will say this. Upon exiting the building, it’s not often Mrs Mac swears and some of the expletives she was using were straight out of my ‘how to swear properly and convincingly manuel ‘. Final words, Billy Smart could have done better! This is our opinion and we’re not convinced justice was not done. Everyone should visit to make their own minds up.

Heading back to the van, we stopped for coffee and cake, then made our way back and prepared to depart. Next stop Modlareuth – a divided village. We arrived about 4 in the afternoon and decided to have a nights free camping and do the museum in the morning. This was a village that sat on the old demarcation lines used later to divide east and West Germany with the river being the boundary. Initially in 1949, things weren’t much different, but then a fence was erected and then an additional wire fence (making a no mans land or security zone) and gradually the fence was replaced with a wall, then a better wall with a round top ( to prevent scaling it). So there’s a wee indoor museum with a 20 minute film (in English) and various exhibits and outside they still have the original wall, fence, guard towers and other exhibits from the local area. A system that locks its citizens in must have been really good!

Wall, fence and control zone

From Modlareuth we headed south west to Bamberg. A city I’d never heard of until our arrival in Nuremberg. The gentleman parked next to us told me he was from Bamberg and that we must visit it as it’s the most beautiful city in Germany. Then our friend Lupo also mentioned that we should visit. 10 breweries in the city clinched it for me!

Upon arrival at Bamberg we parked in the MH park at the park n ride and took a nice stroll into town (about 15 minutes) and did a bit of exploring and had monster ice creams before returning to feed Rockydog. We’d also managed to find a vets within 500m of parking (walking distance for Rockydog-just!) and booked an appointment for his return journey worming tablet.

Views of Bamberg and our ice creams!😊

Thursday evening saw us take another stroll into town and we headed for Dominikanerstrasse and home of Schleukerea ( means walking funny?) brewery and a couple of pints of ‘smoky beer’. It’s an acquired taste. Imagine having a mouthful of dark, stout type beer then inhaling loads of wood smoke through your nose and gulping both down together. A pint was enough and we wandered off, initially intending to go into another recommended brewery but upon entering it was far too warm ( they had the heating on) so we crossed the road and went into the Privatbrauerei Fassla for some pils. We ended up in conversation with a Brit couple ( she had really long hair, down past her bum! ) They were apparently regulars to Bamberg this being the fifth or more trip and there for the beer.

Smoky beers

The ceiling of the brewery/bar

Friday morning saw us walk Rockydog to his vets appointment and have his worming tablet administered and more importantly his pet passport stamped. We then set course for Düsseldorf. (450km). The weather in this part of Germany is barmy at the moment. On our drive, the outside temperature was reading 26.5*.

We arrived in Düsseldorf around half five and the park Platz by the river was chokkers- with signs out restricting parking from 14/10. Luckily a British couple made space for us next to their van and we parked up for the night. They explained that all vans had to move by 6am Sunday morning for the huge annual fish market.

After a cuppa and a shower we hit the town. First stop, the Porky roll shop where Mrs Mac astounded me by ordering Schweinhaxe (pork knuckle) and chips. I also ordered Schweinhaxe, but traditional with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and gravy ( + beer of course). Mrs Mac astounded me again by finishing her Schweinhaxe ( except the crackling – which she gave to me!). After that we did a couple more bars for some more beers ( remember these are just small beers – around 25cl) and lots of people watching- as I’ve said before there’s people of all ages, shapes, sizes, creed, nationality and dress sense ( or non😂) just having a great time.

We then headed back to the van for a nightcap and a fab nights sleep, apart from the temperature which was still in the high teens.

This morning we moved position to one of the slots that had been vacated and where parking is allowed this weekend.

Not a bad view

So today will be currywurst, pommels mit mayo at the market and whatever else takes our fancy. It will be another shorts day as the temperature is forecast fo be 26*.

We’ve booked a tunnel crossing for Monday evening so tomorrow will slowly start make our way towards Calais.

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