Tyre kicking and Nuremberg.

Monday morning saw us up and walk Rockydog around the industrial park where we were located and along by a nearby small holding with half a dozen llamas in a field. They didn’t know what to make of us when we were talking to them but they approached and kept staring. As for Rockydog he just sat down, ignored them and gave us a look of ‘c’mon guys, it’s my time!’

Then it was tyre kicking time. There was vans of all different shapes, sizes and configurations. Prices seemed to range from €39000 – €275000. And what did we buy……………………… a parking badge and a can of BBQ cleaner from the accessory shop😊

Our new van?

Err, maybe not!


Great name😊

We then set off to drive to Nuremberg- 100 miles or so mostly on autobahn.

We arrived in Nuremberg at our chosen Park Platz to find a height barrier so a quick bit of research found the replacement Park Platz nearby and off we headed, getting parked up around 14:30hrs. That gave us time for a wee wander round- although trees block the view, were on the edge of a large lake ( called Wohrder See) which Rockydog couldn’t wait to explore and show of his ability to cock his leg (continental style) & demonstrate his prowess at barking in German😂

Happy dog

Then it was off to tackle the Nuremberg public transport system as we had a dinner date with our friend Lupo who lives in Fürth, a city to the west of Nuremberg. Travel was easy with a bus to the Hauptbahnhof ( main station) then the underground direct to Fürth ( total travel time 45 mins) where we met Lupo in the Altstadt ( old town).

Fürth is totally different to Nuremberg in that in remained mainly untouched by the allies during the war, possibly due to the large Jewish community. A lot of the buildings are the German equivalent of ‘listed’ but have recently been sympathetically renovated and look fabulous.

Views of Fürth

Dinner was in a traditional Franconian restaurant with a glass of Federweisser ( a product of fermented grape juice – prior to being turned into wine) to accompany it. The meal was fab with Lupo providing full translation and descriptions of all the local delicacies on offer. Lupo and I had duck and Mrs Mac having horseradish beef. There was also schnapps! There was also loads of talking, talking and talking with Lupo giving all the info necessary for our day in Nuremberg city. After dinner we had a wander round the local beer festival that was being held – however, as tempting as it was, we didn’t partake as the potential to get messy was there! We then headed back, arriving just after 10pm so Rockydog hadn’t been on his own too long.

Today saw the mighty Thunderbird 2 unleashed and we headed for Zeppelin Strasse and the Reichsparteitagsgelande ( The Nazi Party Rally Grounds). These were huge, originally 11km square. There is also the Colosseum nearby, again built by the Germans and originally intended to be fully roofed!

The main podium

Me on the podium- you might have to zoom in a lot!

The side bits

The Colleseum

After our visit we returned to the van for lunch and Rockydog.

Afternoon saw us back out on Thunderbird 2 and into the city itself ( bus journey time 20 mins. Thunderbird 2 journey time 7 mins).

Lorenzkirche (church) which was 85% obliterated by allied bombing and has been re-built/ restored to original condition. Nuremberg was extensively bombed by the allies and only one street remains in an original form ( Weissgerberstrasse). Like many German cities, Nuremberg has a castle and city walls so a visit to both was a must. The city walls have both round and square towers – the round were the original and the square as the city expanded

Inside the church

The castle

Square tower on city wall

City gates


Old religious hospital

After a major tramp round the city looking at the sites it was back to the van and the only dinner possible , Nuremberg sausages ( small bratwurst) and good they were too.

Another bonus of meeting up with Lupo is that he’s given us ‘new direction ‘ for the next couple of days. We’ll keep you posted.

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