Munich, Dachau and possibly the biggest motorhome dealer in Europe.

On Saturday we bumbled along to the train station via a shoe shop Mrs Mac had seen. 40 minuets later we were heading for the train and Mrs Mac had bagged herself a pair funky orange soft leather shoes.

Tickets bought we boarded the train to Munich. One change, all on time, typical German efficiency. The train was packed with lots of people, young and old wearing traditional dress. Obviously heading for the Octoberfest in the city and the numerous similar events held in villages and suburbs.

Once in Munich we headed for The Hoffbrauhaus. To say Munich was mobbed would be an understatement. It was the penultimate day of the Octoberfest and Munich were playing München Gladbach at home – hence the heaviest Police presence I’ve ever seen except for a Royal wedding!

Arrival at The Hoffbrauhaus and it nearly wasn’t happening. The main hall was heaving, hot, loud umpah music and I could tell Mrs Mac wanted to do an about turn. Using my powers of persuasion I managed to steal her towards the beer garden which was also packed but from where I managed to get us a table in one of the alcoves.

Job done. Beers and sausage platter ordered + a huge dose of people watching 😀

We then headed to the English garden – one of the highlights of Munich and apparently bigger the Central Park in NYC. Unfortunately time was running out ( due to Rockydog being on his own since 10am) so having seen the Chinese Tower in the Park ( no time for a further beer in the beer garden) we hot footed it back to the train station and caught our train back to Bad Aibling.

The English Garden

The Chinese Tower + beer garden.

The chancellery

What was interesting was, we’d asked at the ticket booth for return train times and the girl gave us a print with times, platforms and train numbers. Very efficient.

After another night of our favourite pass time of watching Germans arriving at the stellplatz late and trying to get space/ satellite signal we headed for the city of Dachau on the east side of Munich and the former concentration camp. I’d visited before but Mrs Mac hadn’t. Very moving. Not going to dwell on it except to say, everyone should visit and we should never forget or let it happen again.

After our visit, we headed to our current location a free stellplatz at possibly the largest motorhome dealer in Europe.

Oh maybe a wee wander round tomorrow morning and do some tyre kicking

This blog has been brought to you curtesy of Ronald McDonald and free WiFi 😀

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