La Marina, Croatia to Lake Bled, Slovenia.

After my last blog, Mrs Mac and I had a mosey round the cove and nearby hamlet before returning to the site and spending a lazy afternoon in the sun by the pool with our books. We revised the previous SOP by taking Rockydog for his swim earlier so that he could dry in the sun whilst we drank our sundowners without any of us getting cold. That was a good plan except I had a bit of a greedy head on (& had 3 beers) followed by another back at the van in the last of the sunshine. The plan was then for dinner but that was delayed by the arrival of Phil & Liz who invited us for ‘sun gone downers’ and it seemed a shame not to partake. Needless to say dinner was later than anticipated and I was in bed snoring away shortly afterwards; being the lightweight that I am.

Friday saw us put a tentative travel plan together for the next 7-10 days (but always amendable at the drop of a hat), followed by more soaking up of what we considered would be the last real rays of sunshine we would see this year.

Later we dined with Phil & Liz in a restaurant just outside the camp catering for mainly the German diving community frequenting the campsite. Food was excellent as to be expected.

Us with Phil & Liz

Saturday saw us prepare to leave with a route plotted for Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Slovenia is like most countries in Europe with a toll system for motorways. They run theirs on a similar system to Austria. A vignette (windscreen sticker with varied validity dates and cost) for vehicles under 3.5t and an electronic windscreen toll box for vehicles over. A quick online check said there were also toll booths. This information is incorrect and luckily as we passed in to Slovenia we saw a petrol station with a DarsGO sign (DarsGO being the operator of Slovenian motorways) and a box was purchased and loaded with euros. Hopefully we will get the excess euros back as we leave the country- watch this space.

The motorway journey through Slovenia was ok, and a few of the A roads left a bit to be desired (more other people’s driving as opposed to the roads themselves). We arrived at the site on the shores of Lake Bled and were both amazed at how busy the town was as we traveled through it, and the site ( apparently this is the last weekend of the season + the weather has been excellent) is apparently the reason.

The temperature dropped overnight and when we woke up, it was 3 degrees with the high expected to be 18 degrees. Bearing in mind that the previous day ( 233km south) it was 14 degrees at night & 25 degrees during the day!!!!

So yesterday we did Lake Bled. Initially it was with Rockydog who immediately went into the water and commented that it was a change to be in fresh water!

The lake is 6km circumference, all good path but yesterday it was like a superhighway. We chose to walk clockwise, but tbh I don’t think it would have made any difference. Every different nationality, language, some weird dress codes and speeds of walkers coupled with the fact that it’s not one way! We took a wee diversion from the lake to the fun park (having spied the summer toboggan run on the hillside) for me to have a couple of cheeky downhill runs. The lake itself is fresh water with a castle high up on the cliffs above it and an island with a church in the middle. This can be visited utilising one of the many tourist boats ( that resemble a cross between a punt and a gondola and powered by 2 long oars operated by the boats operator who stands on the back). Due to the amount of folk around yesterday we couldn’t wait to get back to the van, away from the madding crowds.

Bled castle

Island with church on

And again from a different position

The toboggan run – might have to zoom.

Me at the end of the toboggan run

On returning to the van, we made an alarming discovery. Our passenger side mirror protector is missing. No idea how, where or why. Mrs Mac is convinced it was there about 30 mins before we arrived at the site. So have we lost it, or has it been stolen? All I know is that they were £130 a pair but have prevented the mirror (£400+) being damaged countless times.

We decided that the crowds didn’t allow us to do Lake Bled justice so an executive decision was made to stay an extra night and visit the castle and town. So this morning, that’s exactly what we did. Walking anti-clockwise towards the town this time. What a contrast. The path was dead and the town even deader. We did find a bakers ( frequented by officers from Bled PD) and enjoyed coffee, pizza and cake before walking further into the small town ( & getting me a haircut- not quite to Drew’s standards but a reasonable attempt). Then it was a hike up the steep path and steps 122m to Bled Castle where we paid €11 entry each. The entry fee is a bit exuberant but I suppose the views are fab. The Bled specialty is Bled cake – a cross between a custard slice and cream slice. So needless to say, coffee n cake were enjoyed, looking out over Lake Bled. Note, the plan was for me only to have cake (because Mrs Mac isn’t really a cakey person) but having tried a forkful, I was forced to share nicely.

Bled cake ( coffee)

See, she does like cakey stuff

We returned to the van, where we now have the heating on and it’s trying to rain outside but with the BBC forecast stating between 1800-0500hrs there’s 88-92% chance of heavy rain, I think it’s safe to say, it’s inbound.

Obligatory selfie- note the sharp haircut.

The route.

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