Losinj to Rabac (Croatian mainland).

Well, after my last post, we set off for a bimble to the nearby town of Mali Losenj (about a mile and a bit) along a coastal path and past the marina. It was evening, the earlier wind had subsided and the sun was breaking through.

We found the craft beer bar and ordered 2 pints of their craft lager. Very hoppy with a citrus after-tone. Decided one was enough otherwise it could be messy, very messy. The bar also did food – damn delicious food as it turned out. Couple of house burgers n chips. The burger was a little pink for Mrs Mac’s liking but she ate 90% of it before announcing ‘I was hungry and I really enjoyed that’.

The next day the weather turned and it was raining and windy in the morning and into the early afternoon so we used the time to catch up on a bit of admin and a few tasks we’d been putting off.

We were then joined by Phil & Liz ( who were on the rally and they/ we have shadowed our movements) so cuppas all round and then they went off to choose a pitch.

Even though it had stopped raining by mid afternoon, the temperature hadn’t risen much so decided against Rockydog having his daily swim and took him on a 1 mile forced march ( about as much as he can handle these days ☹️), however we both quickly realised that wearing our long trousers and light fleeces was not the order of the day and changed back into shorts before headed back into town for another explore. Typically whilst in town, the weather changed again and we wished we’d still had the long trousers and fleeces on. Heyho, back at the van and homemade curry was ready and waiting!!!

Mrs Mac with her fine pair of jugs. Phanaa phanaa

views of Mali Losenj

Tuesday (25th) saw us ride out on Thunderbird 2. First up-to a view point that overlooked the whole island of Losinj and both the town of Mali and the village of Veli. We then made our way down to the village of Veli (a small harbour village consisting of eateries of every different kind and obviously thriving on the tourist industry- this was apparent by the arrival of 2 tourist buses shortly after our arrival). Pictures taken and a wander round + getting battered by the winds whistling in from the sea, we set off in search for lunch in a sheltered position. We stopped for lunch in a cafe in another sheltered harbour before heading back to the van and undertaking our now routine of taking Rockydog for his late afternoon swim, then sitting at the bar ( in the sun) and having a beer whilst Rockydog dries in the sun. It’s a chore but heyho😊🍺🍺

View from the high viewpoint

Veli Losenj

Map of Losinj – showing position of Mali, Veli & viewpoint

Tuesday evening saw Phil & Liz join us for dinner in the beach bar where I’m surprised any of us managed to eat the food ( which was very good) for talking, talking and talking.

Considering Tuesday was a late night by our standards, we were up early Wednesday and having reviewed the weather forecast decided to use the dull forecast to out optimum and made tracks for the port of Porozina and the crossing to Brestova on the Croatian mainland.

On the drive, we stopped quickly at Osar to have a better look at the canal dug by the Romans and a bimble round the tiny village. The wind by the canal made it not a place to be! Bizarrely the village was dotted with bronze statues and busts of people whom we have no knowledge of (‘cause we’re hethans)😆

Canal at Osar – originally dug by the Romans

Bronze statues

We then stopped at Cres, the main town of the island where we had a bimble round – sorry to say but we’ve become blaze and most of these Adriatic harbours are very pretty but very Samey samey.

We returned from lunch to find a parking ticket on the van, even though we had paid. A quick trip to the local council office and Mrs Mac had it resolved. It appears Mr Overzealous Parking Attendant ( they are a phenomenon around the world) couldn’t see our ticket hanging on a clip in the middle of the windscreen ( for such things) and issued us a ticket.


We then headed for the port at Porozine over what can be described as a wonderful but challenging drive in places. Another mountain road with inclines and descents of 14% in places. The majority of the rad is two way, well surfaced and a pleasure to drive on. Then the road goes into single carriageway with pot holes and rust coloured amco barriers for varying distances before returning to excellent two way roads. This happens on a number of occasions and there doesn’t appear to be a specific reason (ie rocks to be blasted or through old villages) just that it hasn’t happened (yet).

The above wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the other road users ( who are all bloody Johnny foreigners- German, Austrian, Croatian and Italians) all thinking they’ve paid for the road, they’ll drive how and as fast as they want on it. It’s obviously just a lack of understanding and respect. We’re British so we automatically have right of way and we paid for the road!!!!😂😂😂😂

Arriving at the port, we were straight on the boat for the 25 minute crossing (€40) – obviously another EU rule that they are exempt from obeying ( ferry crossing should cost no more than driving same distance – that’s why all Scottish ferries lowered their prices).

Driving onto ferry

Having landed at Brestova we headed for our chosen site ‘ The Marina’ south of Latin. This is another in the Camping-Adriatic (Valamar) Group so we knew it would be of an excellent standard. We’re glad that we’d read the blurb as it states that it is a Mecca for divers. Had we not read that, as we looked round the site we would have suspected we had arrived at a ‘Ninja or SBS Training Camp’ or similar.

The sun was going down and heat was disappearing quickly as Rockydog had his swim. We decided to put Rockydog in his doggy bag in the van whilst we went for a beer and to watch the sunset at the poolside bar but we got too cold before the sun had set and supped up and went back to settle down for the evening.

So this morning (Thursday) it’s 18+ degrees, I’m sat in blazing sunshine and we should really go explore the local area but it’ll be a struggle moving from this spot😎

I can now report that we have carried out an official recce in daylight and the original plan was to move tomorrow but that is now under re- consideration 😎🍺🍷

Bay near campsite

Campsite pool

Ninja training camp

Finally, Rockydog having his swim on the ‘dogs only beach’

And the obligatory selfie

4 thoughts on “Losinj to Rabac (Croatian mainland).

  1. Only just found your blog. So good to follow what you’re up to. We moved house yesterday … now in N Devon. Will catch up on previous posts when I’ve had enough sorting boxes! One for his knob!


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