The Camping Adriatic (Valamar resorts) Group

We left the rally and headed to our chosen site, Camping Jezevac in Krk purely so we could relax on the beach, let Rockydog have some beach time and just spend a wee bit more time in the town.

We arrived and got set up quickly on a nice pitch. Our first thoughts were, this is a big, busy site. We’ll probably hate it but we’ll stick it out. WRONG.

Within a few minutes and a visit to the nearby facilities found them spotless, plentiful and a pleasure to visit. A walk round the site and boxes just kept getting ticked. Nice beach. Nice bar. Restaurant etc, oh and exceptional free WiFi all round the site. So we then headed into town and somehow ended up back at the coffee shop where we previously had the monster apple pie and before we knew what was happening, we’d sat down and ordered more apple pie🥧.

The afternoon was spent on the beach debating whether we should bring Rockydog down and whether he would settle after a dip in the sea and lay contentedly by our sun beds. It was a pointless debate because we both knew he would just run around like a dog possessed and dig, dig, dig and bark.

Nice to know we weren’t wrong, so we kept him occupied swimming after a big stick for about 25 minutes, including me trying to swim with him ( but he wasn’t overly impressed at my version of the doggy paddle😂) before retiring to the beach bar for a couple of beers whilst Rockydog dried off in the remaining sun of the day.

Just as a note, the current temperatures are between 23-29 degrees during the day, dropping to around 15 at night and the sea temperature is about 22 degrees.

Pictures of the beach at the site

The boy is happy

watching my boy!

Restaurant area

Beach again

Tuesday saw us depart Krk for Stara Baska, a peninsular on the SW of the island about 18km from Krk. A nice drive, however I was warned about the 12% descent to the site, however this allowed spectacular views for Mrs Mac ( I was too busy concentrating on the descent and the bends!).

Croatia ( the dot is us on Krk Island)

Route from Stara Baska to Baska

On the site, chose a nice pitch. A bit of manoeuvring to get on and we were sorted. Rockydog could smell the sea. This site was the same group as the previous one so facilities all top notch. Doesn’t get much better until Mrs Austrian woman came and complained about the noise of our air conditioning unit. We had put it on as it was 29 degrees, no breeze and Rockydog was panting like the Flying Scotsman going for the speed record. Being good brits, I turned it off (even though it’s not loud and others had theirs going). I know think she was just jealous. Not bad though, 30 minutes and got a complaint. Just like being back at work!😂👮‍♂️

Another lazy beach day, followed by doggy paddling and beer ( think there might be a theme here).

Our pitch

The doggy beach

A few views of the site and a bit of sunset

Wednesday saw us unload Thunderbird 2 and head to the nearby village of Stara Baska. It’s actually only a mile away but there’s no path and hills ( up & down) are just crazy. The village consists of a small harbour, a couple of restaurants and a public beach. Idyllic and very unspoilt with no tourist tat for sale. We then looked at some of the other nearby bays. We also headed back up the road we traveled down to the site and parked so that I could appreciate the views . It became apparent that people’s had been hard at work writing what appear to be love messages in the stones. We then headed back to hit the beach and sea again.

Stara Baska

Thunderbird 2

Zala beach – miles from anywhere but packed!

Pictures from the descent to Stara Baska site and rocks making names.

Wfe got chatting to an American lady (Shayne) who was on the site ( we were the only English speaking people on the site) and her and her husband (Todd) had been travelling around Europe, the Scandic country’s and Greece.

We met up with them for sundowner beers and gassed, gassed and gassed. Great company so we decided on a quick meal break interlude before re-convening in our van with each couple supplying a bottle of red. Needless to sat, it was a late night but lots of stories and laughs.

Us with Shayne, Todd and their miniature Pincer, Sebastian

Today saw us move from Scarra Baska to Baska – only a distance of about 3 miles as the crow flies but using the road, about 25 km. we also stopped at the village of Punat and parked in the car par of the local supermarket where it clearly says ( in English) 1 hr free gratis parking. The rest is in foreign squiggly writing where apparently it says you must be parked wholly in a bay, not across 3 bays. Oh the expletives when we returned to a parking ticket, especially as the car park had been empty apart from a couple of other motor homes (parked similarly). Needless to say, we paid the charge (about £11) at the local council office but the chief parking man who had given us the ticket and obviously likes to justify his trumped up position didn’t return and make an appearance!!!!!!!! I would have ignored it but know that these things get sold to debt collection agencies who just add costs and costs and it escalates out of control with an £11 ticket ending up being £500+. All because the UK is willing to provide info to other European countries but we have no reciprocating agreement- somebody kick my soapbox away😭

Oh there’s another thing- we haven’t come across any real crap roads here in Croatia. Maybe it’s all the EU money?😊

So again this site is part of the Adriatic camping (Valamar Resorts) Group and again its exceptional. All these sites have static bungalows on varying quality with basic being far superior to that found on similar group sites in the Med and other popular holiday destinations. Honest, we’re not on commission but have a look at www. – it could be your next holiday destination.

So, the next few days. A bimble into Baska tomorrow and then who knows. The weather is supposed to turn on Saturday with wind and rain. We were planning to Island hop to Cres about then and have heard from Phillip & Elizebeth tonight, They have arrived in Cres today and there’s a regatta of sailing boats over the ages on Sunday there, so might have to try and fit that in.

Watch this space 😊

Finally, a selfie

And how clear is that water?

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