Krk Island (still)

As the title says, we’re still on Krk (pronounced Krik) Island.

This has to be one of the jewels of the Adriatic. It’s an ancient walled city ( dating back to pre BC times, but with loads of history from around 1400).

There’s obvious history of both inshore and deep sea fishing and with its mix of old & ancient buildings , cobbled streets and alleyways it makes eclectic walk – as you’ll see from Mrs Mac’s photos.

The harbour

Harbourside restaurants

Views of the castle

Park area

The town

After my previous entry, we headed off to a wine tasting in the site restaurant and a little bit of history from Boris, the site owner (who Sarah thought looked and sounded like a Benny Hill character- & that was before the wine tasting!).

So his father opened the site in 1985 and it was the first privately owned site in communist Yugoslavia ( a country where everyone is equal but others obviously more equal than others 😂). As the site increased in size and more olive groves were planted ( to provide shade) so they diversified into olive oil production. 5 years ago they commenced wine production using grapes from Istria ( the area we started the rally in). Needles to say, the wine tasting was a laugh and even though some wines were better than others, the spittoon was only a table ornament 🍷🍷🍷😂

Yesterday, we took another bimble into town where the finale was coffee and apple pie in a harbour side bar – and fabulous it was. So much so, that we raved to others about it and the remaining pie was gone within minutes.

Anyone foe apple pie?

Today is the last full day of the rally and some have headed out on a boat trip.

Mrs Mac and I headed out on Thunderbird 2 to look at the port of Malinska ( where ferries travel to the island of Cres). Then, after a quick lunch stop, we headed south to Punat along the coast road passing a water skiing training centre ( imagine a ski button lift in the water, towing the skiers along) and a huge marina and into the small village of Punat. We had intended traveling further south to Stara Baska but it was hot and we didn’t want to leave Rockydog on his own too long. Punat is a small village that although it has a mixture of bars and tourist shops is not overly invaded by the budgie smuggler in flip flop brigade and has a nice relaxed feeling about it.

The ferry

Views of Punat

So plans for the next few days. Tomorrow we will say farewell and Bon voyage to the rest of our group as they head home for Blighty. Some have tight deadlines, some will just be moseying, but we wish them all a safe and pleasant journey. We will move to another site in the town. Much larger but with a beach side location and more importantly a doggy beach ( that’s a beach where dogs are allowed not !!!!!!!!😂).

Then we might head further south on the island for a couple of days as there are a couple of sites that get a good write up and thereafter head to the island of Cres for a couple of days. Watch this space.

Finally, our purchase today- the whirly thing (not our friend) Maureen.

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