Zagreb and more

Firstly, apologies for the gap between this and the last post- this is mainly due to a return ( with vengeance) of the Bubonic man flu I had earlier in the trip.

On Friday morning we headed for Zagreb. There’s no real easy way to get to Zagreb except by using the autostrada or motorway or toll road or whatever you want to call it. All I can say, if anyone wants to come to Croatia, feel free to use the toll roads ( for nothing) as it would appear that we didn’t pay to use them, we bought majority shares in them (€35 for 110 miles!!!!!!) FFS😊

Prior to arriving at the site,we saw a large shopping centre with a Decathlon store so a quick stop and both mine and Mrs Mac’s wardrobes were updated.

Having arrived at our site (camping Zagreb), located on the edge of a lake the weather closed in and rain was forecast for that evening and the next few days.

That evening saw our group ‘ spice night’ – a faith supper. Basically each couple prepares a spicy dish and places it on the serving table and and everyone helps themselves . A good sociable night until about 9pm when it started raining and we split into a couple of different groups sheltering under awnings and carried on drinking.

Saturday saw an organised coach trip to Zagreb city at 9am. I volunteered Mrs Mac to go whilst I stayed back with Rockydog. Not because of the wine consumed and after effects of spice night, but due to the impending thunder & lightning forecast and the fact that Rockydog really is a wimp!

Mrs Mac tells me that the city has the most ornate cemetery and morgue as well as buildings with the Croatian flag built into their roof tops.

Upon the groups return there was an impromptu couple of beers in the bar before we all returned to our own vans, battened down the hatches and sat out the rain storm.

Sunday and Monday were free days with us just vegging during the day.

Sunday was also David & Debbie ( who a running the tour) wedding anniversary so we all headed to the local pizzeria- and very good it was too!

Monday, Mrs Mac and I headed into Zagreb on the train, just for a wander round and kill time. By this time, my bubonic man flu had returned and I was needing fresh air and just to be out and about.

Today saw us move down country to Pitvic which is a national park area with lots of walking, lakes, waterfalls etc. We have a trip booked into the park tomorrow.

On our way, we stopped in a lay-by for lunch and ended up chatting with a Dutch girl on a bike with a trailer and a dog. We provided her with a cuppa and cheese roll. Turn out she’s been traveling for 4 yrs and has been everywhere. She is ‘finding herself’ and has no ‘ties’ with Holland, anyone or anywhere. ‘Me for being cynical- got her picture- will send it to the Dutch National Police and see if she’s wanted.

So were set up on the site and preparations are underway for a group bbq tonight. Within 5 minutes of arriving, I had been stung by a wasp on my hand (between thumb and first finger – in that fleshy part) and Mrs Mac has been stung on the back of her leg.

As I finish, I will leave you with my thoughts so far on Croatia.

On the positive side, Very nice with dramatic scenery and people lovely and if under about 40, all speak English.

On the negative side,

Everyone seems to smoke. It’s like going back 20 yrs. Bars, trains, shops, everywhere, everyone is smoking (hence why American Tobacco have just opened a big factory here).

Scooping. Everyone seems to be scooping. Went in for fuel this morning at 11 o’ clock. Cafe/ bar attached to petrol station and at least half a dozen people inside drinking big beers(with cars outside)!

White lines in middle of road – purely for decoration – possibly see above🍺🍺🍺🍺😊

Pictures will follow😊

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