Adria to Vrsar, Croatia and start of the ATOC rally

Well, after my last blog post saying it was threatening to rain, I can confirm it rained and very heavily interspersed with numerous thunder claps and displays of lightening. Although there were bars and restaurants on the site, they all involved a wet walk so after a unanimous vote it was decided to break out the supply of emergency DVD’s for an evenings entertainment

Saturday was still wet and miserable but that didn’t seem to bother Rockydog when we took him to the beach and he spent 30 minutes swimming.

Having had a bimble at the local parade of shops we decided on afternoon adjournment to a local hostelry to sample the local beer. Certainly very good but according to Mrs Mac, not as good as the Berchtesgaden beers we drank.

With the weather still yuk, Saturday night was another DVD night.

Today we left Ankaran for the short (85km) journey to Vrsar in Croatia to join up with the Auto Trail owners club rally.

Upon leaving Ankaran we travelled through the sea port of Kappor. My knowledge of this area is pretty rubbish but it strikes me that the most common commodity through the port is cars! Mainly German owned brands , Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW (and all other brands Skoda, Seat) etc etc. Not sure if they now manufacture them all in Slovenia or if this has now become the main German shipping port. Anyone with any knowledge, please feel free to update me.

After approximately 20 minutes drive we approached the border between Slovenia & Croatia and actually had to stop and show passports at both borders. So much for free flow of movement between EU countries? – Apparently Croatia is like the UK and not subject to the Schengin agreement.

Glad that we were going to Croatia and not to Slovenia as there was a 3+ mile tale back to the border from the Croatian side.

The next thing that got out attention was signs for ‘money exchange ‘ bizarre thought us. Surely Croatia has the Euro as its in the EU. Wrong!

As you can tell, we’ve not really researched this bit of the trip, probably because it’s already planned for us – we thought all we had to do was turn up and have a good time!😊

Enough of that. We’ve arrived at our site for the next few days. Met up with friends from previous rallies and walked Rockydog and let him swim again.

So as we head for showers in preparation for tonight’s welcome meal, Rockydog is tucked up in his doggybag pushing out the ZZZZ’s.

The resort

The floating doggy water gym?

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