Gerona del Fruili to Adria, Slovakia.

After a very pleasant evening meal in the hotel Willy, the birthday girl and I headed to bed. The only problem being it was still very hot. Being plugged in, Mrs Mac decided it would be a good idea to run the air con during the night. Great for her. awful for me. Woke up dry throated, snotty nosed & with a mouth like the bottom of a budgies cage and a head with a pneumatic drill pounding away in it!

We had a lazy morning whilst Mrs Mac did some email correspondence before setting off with a route for Grado, a peninsula on the south east coast of Italy.

On route, the weather was hot, hot, hot. Knowing that our nights stop was without electricity we stopped at an Italian version on Curry’s PC world and purchased an additional ( but bigger) usb powered fan (to the one we currently have for circulating air in the van) to keep Rockydog cool.

To get to Grado you have to drive along a 5km peninsular which is pretty spectacular. We did notice that Italy appeared closed. We thought maybe it was siesta time but siesta time seemed to last well after 5pm.

We stopped at a 24 hour petrol station to fill up with LPG (GPL). After 5 or so minutes messing about and no gas forthcoming, we interpreted the sign on the pump – 24hours means 24 hrs except between 12:30 & 14:30 hrs. Obvious 😊

Upon arrival in Grado we parked up in as much shade as possible and left Rockydog (with his twin fans spinning into oblivion – pretty fantastic 😂) and set of to explore. It was hot. It was mobbed. Dogs not allowed on the beach (unless you paid). It was hot. It was mobbed. People of all different shapes and sizes. It was mobbed and it was hot. I’m sure you’ve got my drift. We didn’t bother wandering into the town but returned with the intention of just sitting outside, reading our books. Quick change of plan when both bitten to buggery my mossies so we headed indoors to try and benefit from Rockydog’s fans.

Fantastic !

Obviously the heat was too much for Mrs Mac, either that or she had decided she had become localised and off she went for a wee siesta!

Nothing spectacular to write about regarding the remainder of the evening and we were up at a reasonable time and out walking Rockydog before it got too hot.

After breakfast we set course for Triest. Well having driven through most of the outskirts of the city, initial views were that it appeared to be a very uninspiring and although a commercial port, there didn’t seem to be much going on. The weather forecast for the next few days are for rain, thunder, lightening and winds so a quick look at inter web and our books and we set course for Camping Adria, Ankara on the Slovenian border with Italy where we are currently hunkered down with air con on one minute, then off, on etc because the temperature seems up and down and all over the place.

Before we left Triest we observed an Italian Police check point in operation. Not much action, BUT, they think the looked good with their tight jodhpurs type trousers, knee high shiny boots, white pistol belts and mirrored aviator sunglasses. Immediately through the check point and we all (Rockydog included) burst into song, Young man ………………….. (bet you’re singing it all night,). Honestly, they all looked like the cop out of Wild Hogs.

Before I get carried away and forget about Italy totally, I feel I need to give those of you that are fashion conscious the heads up. Sequins. Yup that’s right. I don’t mean pearly king and queens but all colourful, jackets, trousers, sneakers, shoes, bags and more. And that’s just the men! Seen more sequins that a sequin factory.

This afternoon, having arrived and settled Rockydog in his air conditioned boudoir ( it was 32*), we unleash ashes Thunderbird 2 and did something really alien to us both. We set off to ride some of the coastal roads in just shorts and tee shirts – it was just so flaming hot!

Since returning the temperature has dropped (a wee bit) but there have been a series of loud thunder claps and bangs that have resulted in Rockydog shaking, panting & cowering (woose) and as I sit here and write, heavy rain is threatening.

Parked up on site and washing done.

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