Fusch to Gerona del Friuli, Italy

Well today is Mrs Mac’s birthday so I thought what better than give her the ride of her life. Having arrived at tonight’s stop, I can confirm that that is apparently that’s what I’ve done😊

We left our site around 11 this morning and made our way up towards the Grossglockner and the toll booths. Paid our money and started our ascent.

I can tell you, it’s a completely different game in our motorhome which is 8m (25 foot in old money) and 4.5 ton . I appreciate that buses and trucks use the road, but mostly today we were one of the biggest vehicles on the pass.

We headed to the top ( although not the very top )- that’s the bikers cafe and only cycles, motorbikes and cars are allowed up the cobbled road, parked up and released Rockydog for some off the lead R&R. He and I walked most of the way up the walking tracks to the bikers cafe before returning and enjoying lunch prepared by the birthday girl, al- fresco, enjoying the views.

After lunch we headed off south down the Grossglockner- we didn’t do this part yesterday on the Cub as we felt it would have been unfair on the little beast + time wise it would have meant Rockydog being on his own for most of the day.

The south side is completely different scenery and actually has more hairpin bends to negotiate.

As time was getting on we decided not to visit the glacier, however we will have to return soon in order to do that as it is disappearing rapidly and they reckon it will be completely gone in under 10 yrs due to climate change.

From Lienz at the south end of the Grossglockner we continued south headed for the Italian border via Oberdrauburg, Anas ( Italian border) Mauthern & Paluzza. The reason I mention these roads. If you look on the map ( ours is 1:750000 or 12miles to an inch). The roads look as if they have a few bends but in reality they are switch backs and either very steep inclines or declines.

Mrs Mac was certainly getting her birthday ride but as the back end of the motorhome swung out a few times, I don’t think she appreciated my singing ‘Self Preservation Society ‘ and uttering the words ‘ Hang of fellas, I think I’ve got a plan! – answers on remarks please.👍

During our descent we had a couple of ‘moments’ – one with an artic truck who was coming through the gap. Another with a car that was trying to overtake on a hairpin bend and finally with a very large expensive German made ( and owned) motorhome that was thundering up hill not abiding by the central white line and then panicked when he saw us.

All in all an eventful wee drive culminating with us arriving at our camp ground in the gardens of Hotel Willy where we’re plugged in and the air con is on for Rockydog ( it’s still 30* outside – 18:30hrs) and we’re off to the bar hopefully for a pleasant meal and drinks for the birthday girl

Some pictures of our site tonight at Hotel Willy

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