Berchtesgaden to Fusch

After another nights Bavarian culinary and a good nights sleep with me still trying to shake off my cold, we woke on Sunday morning and after a leisurely brekky, headed up one of the ski trails with Rockydog. He’s at least 12. He’s got arthritis but when you see him in new places with new smells and lots of sticks, he just acts like a big puppy dog with lots of barking and running to and fro.

Mrs Mac and I then boarded Thunderbird 2 and headed for Berchtesgaden, to have a mossy round (blokes out there note – take woman to German town on Sunday when all geschlossen (closed).

Quite disturbingly, upon arrival in Berchtesgaden there were a number of loud bangs that we both thought were cannon fire but obviously were not coming from the same location. They eventually finished after about 30 minutes with the loudest of all mother bangs! Answers on a postcard please.

We then took a bimble of to the lake at Konigsee. The car park was busy but the shops and parade were surprisingly quiet. We spent an hour or so walking round the lake before returning to the van & Rockydog and I gave in to the bubonic man flu and went to bed for an hour or so.

Today saw us leave Berchtesgaden and head to Filzmoos in Austria where our friends Heather & Bob have a place and have hosted us skiing. We parked at the ski slope opposite where they live and walked to their house. They weren’t in!!!!!! – hardly surprising really since we knew they were both in UK.

What is surprising is that Neighbourhood Watch is alive, kicking and on the ball in Filsmoos as Sarah got a text from Bob saying, whilst you’re there, can you cut the grass!

We lunched in Happy’s in Filzmoos, noting that the summer menu is a complete change from the winter ski menu – enough said.

Then it was a meander through the Austrian countryside to Fusch, a small village at the base of the Grossglockner High Alpine Pass and our chosen site for a couple of nights in the grounds of the Lampenhaeusl Hotel.

(Interesting location as it has 4 garages with ramps . Then 2 Audi Q7’s arrive bristling with electronic wizardry, gizmos and gaffer tape – ah a favourite overnight stop of the car evaluation reams that favour this area. For those interested- on was a V8 biTurbo & the other a Supercharged diesel).

So tomorrow, Grossglockner, here we come.

Finally, I know lots of you are reading this but when I look at the ‘stats’ that come curtesy of the WordPress domain, it shows little or no interest, so could I ask that having read this, you leave a comment, an emoji or something just that I know my efforts are not in vain 😊👍

PS – sorry no piccys – having IT issues.

5 thoughts on “Berchtesgaden to Fusch

  1. Mr and Mrs Mac – just a quick comment to let you know that Mrs Silverskier and I do follow your Blog and are enjoying all of the nice piccies of castles and old houses and the like!!!

    Now if I could just figure out how to subscribe??????


  2. Following you as well. Although, I do not understand EVERY word….. 😅 Great photos. Oh, and get well soon…. A man-cold? 🤧😷


  3. Hey you 3-really enjoying the blog and Mac’s sense of humour!Hope you have an amazing day Wednesday shishter and get spoiled rotten!Love to you 3 from us 3 xxxx💞💞💞💞

    Liked by 1 person

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