Rothenburg to deepest Bavaria

Unfortunately our night at Rothenburg was pretty restless due to a number of German youths choosing to use the camping platz as their own playground until after one in the morning, despite being challenged by a number of Germans in other vehicles. We hoped that the Polizei may have been contacted but certainly never arrived. Re-assuring to know that you can rely on youth disorder and the police doing nothing about it, even in regimented Germany.

We continued our journey down the Romantische Strasse through half timbered villages, Rat houses (Town Halls) and platz’s being a bit blasé and feeling they were all just one.

Upon arrival at Dinkelsbuhl – having read the notes, we tried to find a place to park without success. The Polizei seemed to be out in force and traffic signals had been turned off. Transpires it was a Bavarian bank holiday and there was a massive open air punk festival on the outskirts of town!

Couple of observations:-

1. I didn’t realise the Punk scene had ever made it to Germany or that it was that big – all ages.

2. Punks in my mind represent mayhem and havoc. Well I cant see much M&H being created at that festival – they were all carrying crates of iced coffee. No alcohol to be seen anywhere!!!!!!!.

We continued our journey south stopping at various villages and towns, oohing and aaaring at more have timbered houses, Rat houses, Plats’s etc until we reached out chosen overnight stop at Rain.

Just a stop in a large car park attached to a swimming pool. In normal circumstances, it would have been fine BUT there were a couple of what appeared to be semi-permanant vans there and an encampment of gypsies.

Quick cup of tea, walk for Rockydog and consult the internet and we were off to our new chosen nights stop at Wertingen. This aire was described as quirky. Eccentric is a better description. Laid out in a flower design with scare crows and pretend animals dotted around. It was fab, peaceful and close to the village – the only problem being when its a bank holiday, everything and I mean everything shuts.

After a brill nights sleep and a lazy morning we headed south in and out of villages and discussing the possibility of re-doing the route by bicycle sooner rather than later. Lunch consisted of currywurst and chips in a roadside Shnelly which was conveniently located to serve to the local workers.

We stopped at Harburg to visit the castle and upon our return found the van penned in behind plastic fencing by council workmen – we’d apparently parked in their ‘unmarked’ compound. The castle and walled city also contained a beautiful chapel.

From there we headed to Landsberg am Lech. Here the townhall was built by Dominikus Zimmerman (possibly related to Bob Dylan?) with an attractive stucco facade and the dominant schmalz tower. There is also a remarkable weir across the river and although water was flowing, it emphasised how low the water levels are here.

Weir at Landsberg

The town

After a number of plan revisions, it was decided to head to Schwangau for the night before visiting Schloss Neuschwansteir the following morning. We arrived at our chosen aire to find it chokkers, but attached to a campsite. We stayed there for the night and all I can say is at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask and wave a gun around. To be honest, Mrs Mac had a cold earlier on in the trip which has manifested itself into bubonic man flu on myself and I just wanted food and bed.

The next morning we boarded Thunderbird 2 for the short journey to Schloss Neuschwansteir and joined the queus already gathered for tickets at 0715hrs. Ticket secured and tour booked for 0925 (you can’t visit without a tour) we made our way our the steep hill to the Schloss. Although a big castle, it is not even half finished and there are only a number of rooms furnished and they had raps over them due to dust from renovation works ongoing!). This is the castle used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but that is not mentioned on the tour, nor any songs played from the movie or any sign of Benny Hill as the toy maker.

We left the Schloss and returned to the site and having loaded Thunderbird 2, we set off for the longish drive to Berchtesgaden. It’s a bit of a ‘criss cross route’ we have undertaken, the reason being, I have done Berchtesgaden and the Grossglockner pass before and talked about returning on the motorbike with Mrs Mac but since we were near(ish) I thought we should just do them in the motorhome and if the boss lady wants, we can come back on the motorbike.

Our trip to Berchtesgaden took us along a vast route of the Deutch Alpinstrasse – another fab by road.

We arrived in Berchtesgaden at about 1730 hrs and decided to stay within the grounds of Alpiengasthof Gotschenalm. We parked up checked in and couldn’t miss noise of the herd of Alpine cows moseying around with bells clanging – but in a very pleasant relaxing chime.

Two nights camping cost us €30.40 including tourist tax of €2.75 each. I mention this because we were then given a €10 voucher for each night to be used in the bar/restaurant against food or drink!!!!!!!

Obviously the bar/restaurant was visited and voucher redeemed (without much to pay on top considering the fayre served).

This morning we headed to the Kelsteinhaus (Hitlers tea room, The Eagles nest) on the cub. I have to say, the old girl was struggling (the Cub, not Mrs Mac) up a few of them hills and at one point I even had my feet down pushing!!!!!!!!

We also received encouragement from a couple of Danish bikers on their GS’s who upon our arrival at the parking lot took a photo of the cub.

We visited the Kelsteinhaus and Mrs Mac now gets my fascination with how the place, the road and all about it existed. It was fabulously clear day and the views all around were fantastic. We then headed back to the van to see to Rockydog and sit and enjoy the alpine scenery, air and relax.

In front of the fire place in the Eagles Nest – not quite Easy company but still damn cool,

I was trying to upload more photos but after an hour of repeated error messages, I’m off to get a beer! 😊🍺🍺

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