Mohne to Rothenburg ob der Tauber

On Sunday morning after a leisurely breakfast and a visit to the lake for Rockydog to have a morning swim (joining some entrepid Germans) we left the banks of the Mohne and travelled through Germany avoiding the autobahn and enjoying the smooth roads, quaint villages, views and being buzzed by the many many motorcyclists out to play.

We arrived at our chosen night stop on the banks of the Eder dam mid afternoon. Our camper stop book advised us that this was one of the best stops in Germany, certainly wasn’t wrong, well laid out terraced pitches with a spectacular view and to top it off, an Alpine log cabin at the top which served beer (Bitburger on drought) & food. The plan had been to use Thunderbird 2 to go and visit the Eder dam but having checked our route the next day, we saw we would be passing it so decided to sit with a cup of tea, enjoy the view and soak up some rays. A visit later to the Alpine cabin confirmed the standard German Fayre (Sweinhaxe for me, Schnitzel with mushrooms for Mrs Mac) to be excellent quality & value + the beer was exceptionally cold!

We left on Monday morning heading for Wurzburg and the start of the Romantische Strasse (Romantic Road), stopping at the Eder dam en route. Initially we intended to avoid the autobahn but when the weather turned wet and yucky we amended that plan as there didn’t seem much point in meandering and not enjoying the views.

We arrived in Wurzburg around 4pm and set off into the town to explore and find the tourist information to obtain a better guide leaflet for the next few days (& 410 Km). The Romantic Road was put together in the 50’s by the German Government as a means of boosting tourism and the economy by including quintisentially German villages together in a route from Wurzburg in the north to Fussen (and the start of Bavaria) in the south . Well it seems to work pretty damn well as everywhere there are Motorhomes, motorcyclists, cyclists and walkers of all cultures and nationalities. We even came across a young couple doing the route in a converted Piaggio 3 wheeler van (think Indian Tuk Tuk)

Part of Wurzburg culture is to stand on the Alte Mainbrucke (main bridge – erected in 1543) and drink wine from either of the wine bars located on it. Unfortunately we were unable to join in with that custom as we were having an alcohol free night!!!!!!

The old bridge with wine bar on the right hand side.

Bridge with fortress and vineyards in background.

The city centre

Alt Rathouse (Old Town Hall)

This morning (Tuesday) saw us depart Wurzburg on our journey south on the Romantische Strasse, stopping at the villages of Tauberbischofsheim, Lauda -Konigshofen, Rottengen and arrive at tonight’s location of Rothenburg ob der Tauber .


Lauda- Konigshofen

Upon arrival at Rothenburg as per SOP’s we headed into town to explore and scope it out, including a walk around the covered city walls and avoiding the permanent Christmas shops (Bah humbug – are they playing Christmas tunes at home yet?)



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