Brugge to Mohnesee

We left Brugge on Thursday morning heading for Oberhausen and to meet friends that evening. Thoughts on Brugge – lovely but very expensive. 2 x small beers (0.21l) €9. 2 x apple pie, tea & a coffee-€23! Final thoughts on Belgium – a country only to be transited through😂

Sally ( our Sat Nav) was routing us via Antwerp. Not long after telling Sarah that every time I had ever ventured near Antwerp I’d ended up with an ‘adventure’ Sally announced ‘ traffic jam ahead, re-calculating route’ and due to our lane position had to keep following her (blindly) through central Antwerp and its myriad of additional roadworks due to tram works (think Edinburgh but on a bigger scale,).

On route to Oberhausen I had made the executive decision that we would stop at the first services in Holland for coffee & apple pie. Services identified and a stop initiated and then the heavens opened. The parking area was immediately flooded so we were confined to the van for tea and sandwiches before continuing our journey.

We had used our camping stops book to identify our place in Oberhausen- it says there are 15 places. A quick telephone conversation with our friend Nicole resulted in her seeming surprised that we were worried about finding a slot. Yup she was right. The park is at the conference centre so car park galore,

We had a fab evening with Nicole & Dirk and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with them and both sets of parents at their flat before departing for Düsseldorf.


Note – my thoughts (as many) were that Oberhausen was very much industrial and days gone by, that was correct. In modern times it’s had employment issues but has been re-invented and re- juvinated. It has the largest shopping centre in Europe with bars, cafes and restaurants in abundance as well as museum galleries and many other attractions. It also has a Christmas market that whilst busy, is not on the scale of the well known Munich, Koln & Düsseldorf.

So we made haste to Düsseldorf and found a slot on the banks of the Rhine with the other camping cars. I have visited Düsseldorf many many times and always looked at the plethora of motor homes parked on the banks of the Rhine and thinking ‘what a great place to stay’. And my final words on that subject- correct!

View from our door when parked on the banks of the Rhine in Düsseldorf

A Friday night in Düsseldorf wouldn’t be Friday without a stroll round the Alt Stadt and a few obligatory beers followed by a porky roll ( not pulled pork, but thick slices of hand of pork cooked on a flaming spit). Prior to the evenings entertainment Mrs Mac fancied a bimble around a few shops. In the Kauhauf (German version of House of Fraser) she identified and secured some new bedding.

By comparison to Brugge, in Düsseldorf we had 2 x coffee, 2 cakes, 2 Porky rolls with fries (&mayo) & 3 beers – not all at one sitting – total €24👍

Now that’s a Porky roll.👍

A great Friday night saw a leisurely Saturday morning before setting of in a north easterly direction to Mohnesee where we are currently sat on the banks of the lake. Upon arrival yesterday afternoon we again unleashed thunderbird 2 ( Honda cub) and took a bimble along to see the dam made famous by the film the Dam busters and then rode around the lake – all these roads being a Mecca for motorcyclists, cyclists & walkers.

The Mohne dam – looks like it’s been repaired!

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