Coffee, Pole dancin’ penultimate days

Still here on the site at Benicassim- all 3 of us have commented on how strange it is to be stationary for longer than a few days!

Although we’ve been busy, not much to report as the business has just been regular stuff like eating, drinking, shopping, quizzes and general rally entertainment.

We participated in the Boules tournament and although beaten in the first round, it was a nail biting game decided over the last point.

There was also a group cycle ride to Grou (where we had stayed the night before joining the rally) for lunch at the marina. Must have been quite a spectacle 30+ bikes in a line. I would just like to point out – Mrs Mac & I are firmly in the minority with our old fashioned, peddle yourselves cycles (I.e non electric). (More of that later)

There is a disused railway track here that’s been made in to a cycle path and hugs the coast eastwards for 5.5k to La Playa, so Tuesday saw us cycle it in the afternoon sun. Whilst doing so, we met Mary & Tony who were also cycling. A bit of gassing and turns out they were also staying at our site and were owners of an Autotrail (although not club members). We then spent a few evenings socialising with them and their friends Wendy & Bob before they all departed on Saturday morning.

Said path is a Mecca for local cyclists-BUT we can’t help noticing that the majority of the bikes using it are electric- although most of the riders are a lot younger than us (and also love wearing Lycra – them, not us!πŸ˜€). There is also a very hi tec electric bike shop in the village selling all kinds of electric bikes. Fold up, mountain, hybrid, town, the lot (have a look at:- – I’ve bought cars for a lot less)

We’ve also made the most of the sunny afternoons walking, finding cafes/bars and generally messing about – as those on FB will have seen – me auditioning as a Pole Dancer!

Coffee is something some of us enjoy and take for granted. Personally I like NescafΓ© Gold Blend. I brought 3 large jars with me but unfortunately ran out just after arriving here. I purchased some supermarket own brand coffee which soon became known as a ‘cup of Blackadder’ (from the coffee sketch in the trenches). Tranquility has been restored as Gold Blend has now been purchased πŸ˜€ (

We now have a plan for when we leave in 11 days time, with us making our way to south of Benidorm to a site so our friend Jason can van & dog sit whilst we fly home (Mrs Mac so she can do some ‘stuff’ she needs to do and me so that I can reset the travel insurance clock -we will have been away 6 months by then). I will then return to undertake the journey back to Scotland with Jason & Rockydog – think Max & Paddy’s road trip πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸΊπŸ˜ŽπŸ»πŸ·


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