Rally,Fireworks & Festival.

Having arrived at Bonterra Park, Benicassim we settled into our pitch and started to meet up with our fellow ralliers.

An interesting point, this isn’t the most dog friendly site, with Mrs Mac having to sign a ‘contract ‘ that wherever possible dogs will not do their business in the site – easier said than done. Rockydog has been briefed that he’s to give 15 minutes notice when needing to powder his nose!!!

An evening meeting laid out some of the activities planned for the next few weeks including a treasure hunt round the town and a name the pub competition (from pictures displayed in fellow ralliers vans).

Organised activities aside we started to explore the town which has a promenade approximately a mile long fronted by numerous villas dating from a period between 1850 – 1920, with information boards providing a précis their history. Mrs Mac has her eye on Villa Isabel (currently Se Vende (for sale) but at 1.99 million euros, it might have to wait).

Friday saw the start of the Benicassim festival week with various activities including fireworks (more of them later) the usual ‘Bull herding & fighting ‘ funfairs and a 10km (6.2 miles) road race, Golden gymnastics masterclass (we didn’t enter) & more activities than you can imagine but being Spain, there is also Paella! We will wander into town and view some of the activities. On Monday night numerous bonfires were lit in all the streets with crowds just stood around drinking – no one has told us the significance of this and in my hethan mind, I just thought it was like being back in Wester Hailes with burning cars, shopping trolleys and wheelie bins with NEDS standing around drinking Buckfast😀

I entered and participated with another 799 runners ( in the 10k – not the bull running), completing it in 49.41 (exact time & position tbc ) & cheered on by Mrs Mac.

As well as festival activities we took part in a group Boules competition (we were closely beaten) & Mrs Mac doing some line dancing.

I also identified a cycle route (30 miles) through the Desert de las Palmes, a natural park with a 422 m climb over 7km before dropping down to the town of Castello so took myself off for an afternoons cycling in the sun (which has been a bit sporadic since our arrival).

Two days after our arrival we took down our awning due to high winds that got higher and have persisted most of the week. Benidorm further down the coast is currently embracing a very cold spell and further down the coast at Javier, snow has been apparently falling on the beach!!!!!

The Spanish seem to have a love of fireworks and so far there have been so many bangs this week at various times during the day, including 0800 – 0830hrs on Monday morning that Rocky has taken to sleeping in our room whilst wearing a tin hat and barking ‘incoming’ everytime there is a loud bang!

Being on a site for an extended time has its advantages in that washing is all up to date. Rockydog and I have both had haircuts and the outside of the van is now shiney clean!

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