Amps, Boulles & Friends

We left Benidorm heading north and decided just to pop into Javea and use it as a lunch stop rather than staying over. Upon arrival it was apparent that it wasn’t Benidorm and appeared a lot more ‘upmarket ‘. I also ‘checked in’ my location on Facebook which received a number of positive comments regarding the town so it’s definitely on the list for a revisit. From Javea we headed to an Aire at L’alqueria de la Comtessa, a town between Javea & Oliva. This was a commercial Aire with electricity which we declined, desperate to try our new batteries.

Having functionality checked the batteries by having lights on and watching tv for 3 hours, noting that the volts hadn’t dropped,we went to bed with smiles on our faces that there would still be plenty of juice left in them in the morning.

In the morning we set off towards Valencia, planning to stay at the Valencia camperpark, however about lunch time I deviated from our route in search of somewhere to park up and eat lunch. We were soon sat in a beach side car park at El Saler approx 10 miles south of Valencia. There were a number of other vans parked up so our table and chairs were out, lunch was consumed and after a vote of 3-0 it was decided we were staying put for the night. Later on our German neighbors returned to their van and informed us there was a good cycle path to the centre of Valencia.

Next day bikes were down and off we went. We actually headed past the port to the beach front ( we had previously visited in 2011 on a Med cruise). Friday was a public holiday in Spain (3 Kings) so all the path network was busy with cyclists, walkers and families enjoying the new year sunshine. our round trip was a nice 21 miles & I can report that Mrs Mac’s cycling skills have improved so much. She no longer gets off at chicanes and other obstacles and she’s even started to release her brakes (sometimes) when travelling downhill. She’ll soon be ready for her cycling proficiency badge.

Having returned to the van neither of could muster the urge to move on and were happy with another nights free camping. Later our German neighbors returned and proceeded to play Patong (Boules), so having asked to play, introductions were made (Alex & Christine) & we proceeded to play with Alex & Sarah being the winning team.

Saturday saw us relocate to the Valencia camperpark for another overnight stay (where again we chose no electricity hook up – working batteries are great!). From here it was an easy hop into Valencia old town on the Metro. Having spent the afternoon in the sun wandering round the city (oh and consuming churros & chocolate – trying to blend in with the locals) we headed back to the camperpark.

For our evening meal we patronised the on site bistro where we enjoyed a lovely 3 course meal cooked in front of us and a few drinks.

And so, our final day before we join the 3 week owners club rally sees us at Grao de Castello, parked on a beach, sounds of waves crashing and the knowledge that tomorrow morning will start chilly (we’ve both had to wear our down feathered puffer jackets in the mornings & evenings) but by 1100hrs it will be warming up nicely ready to sit out and eat lunch when we arrive at Camping Bonterra Park about 15km away where we will meet up with friends from the earlier rally in August and others we’ve yet to meet!


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