Garlic, Bikes & Hogmanay

Christmas Eve was a blur, possibly due to an enormous array of alcoholic beverages consumed and good company- all sat within our awning. Although it ended about 2200hrs, we had been eating n drinking for 9+ hours!

Christmas day was a reasonably quiet affair with the main highlight being Christmas dinner. Starter of prawn cocktail with a couple of large grilled prawns on top – lucky we had them as I had picked up a packet of uncooked prawns and mixed them in with the Marie Rose sauce. There were a couple of incidents like that (off cheese, milk) so we think Jason was wary that we were trying to poison him!!!

The remainder of dinner passed by without major incident.

Boxing day saw Jason departing for home. We then spent the next evening in another social with a couple Paul & Meridan (& their dog Stanly- who Rockydog was really taken with) drinking and then ‘pooling’ food before the evil drink took  a real grip of the evening 😀

27th saw a great opportunity to strip out the van, clean and pack up ready for off the next day.

We then headed for Almuncar, stopping en route at La Restinga, a fabulous beach side restaurant where Mrs Mac had monster garlic prawns (I can still smell Garlic on her breath – worse than me when I’ve had a Schwarma !) & I had swordfish.

Almuncar is a lovely seaside town devoid of bars offering English breakfasts and widescreen TV’s showing 24/7 football. We stayed at the the side of the road by the beach before walking Rockydog along the promenade in the morning.

We then headed for Almerimar over the fantastic A340 through mountains & tunnels where the sun was shining and motorcyclists were greeted with the odd profanity (for no other reason than pure jealousy).

We stayed the night at the marina(the town exists purely for the marina) where upon arrival we had to negotiate for space between a couple of German vans (so we didn’t block the service point). Needn’t have bothered, by next morning the Aire was chokers with late arrivals.

Friday saw us head inland to Vera ( not the Geordie detective). Strange site in the middle of nowhere and home to a tennis school and surrounded by firearms ranges in constant use by the Spanish police.

We left Vera and continued our journey east through hills to our present location of Los Dolores on the outskirts of Cartagena- chosen due to being on our route but having driven through the town appeared lively already with revellers and the sound of bikes at the Circuitous de Cartagena- I can think of worse ways to spend New Year’s Eve (Hogmanay).

Next few days will see us arrive and visit that well known British colony of Benidorm (I was there when I was 4 – might have changed a bit) before heading to Valencia and then Benicassim for a 3 week holiday.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a happy & prosperous new year. Stay safe and warm wherever you are and we’ll hopefully catch up with you in 2017


2 thoughts on “Garlic, Bikes & Hogmanay

  1. Wishing you a Happy New Year from snowy Filzmoos! Finally arrived after a long trip and just getting over the journey. Look forward to seeing you soon! Heather, Bob and Rusty dog


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