Currywurst, Christmas social & Crimestoppers

We stayed in Cala de Mijas for a few days, walking the boardwalk to the next village where we miraculously found a German cafe where I thought it would be rude not to sample the currywurst, pomme frites mit mayo unt grossa beer. Fabulous. Oh we also found a great cafe serving churros!

We left Mijas on Saturday and after shopping and stuff headed for the Aire at Los Boliches, on the east side of Fuengirola. I then cycled to Benalmadina to join our friend Jason and a few of my former colleagues who were taking refuge from the chores of Christmas in Blighty .

Having had a few beers n social with the guys, I headed back to join Mrs Mac where we hit the town for a few beers.

Sunday we headed up the coast road through well known towns such as Torremolinos, Malaga & Rincon before arriving at our site and home for 10 days just outside Torre Del Mar.

So far we’ve entertained ourselves with a cycle into Torre and a spot of lunch on the promenade in the sun before collecting our service wash (washed, dried and folded – cheaper than doing it ourselves).

We also took an evening trip to Malaga to see the Christmas lights and sample the delights of Antigua Casa de Guardia (oldest sherry house in Malaga) where Mrs Mac purchased a bottle of Muscadet no 1.

Thursday saw the arrival of Jason for Christmas and the need for us to move pitch due to a geordie couple who owned the holiday bungalow next to where we were pitched. They said it was fire regs- reality, they wanted to park there car where we were pitched!

Now to send a few emails to crimestopper to ensure he gets the ‘rubber glove treatment ‘ when he gets back to Newcastle airport 😀

Alls good though. As soon as we were re-pitched, our Sedish neighbours invited us to join them on Christmas Eve (today)  for a communal bring your own food & drink meal.

Mrs Mac and spent time writing, preparing & rehearsing our Christmas message to the masses and now today will be spent in a bit of a social (I’m doing steaks on the BBQ) and maybe having a wee selection of alcoholic beverages so we would just like to wish our readers a very merry Christmas x

One thought on “Currywurst, Christmas social & Crimestoppers

  1. Have a good Christmas Mac Sarahand rocky dog. Lovely to get your updates.
    Enjoy xx Love Brian and Ann x Your poem is in the Autotrail magazine Sarah xx
    Sent from my iPad


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