Bloody Mary’s, Marbella & Churros.

Our travels then took us to the hilltop village of Caesarea, via the A397 road to San Pedro. Oh what a road! Views, bends,scenery, the works. Now firmly deposited in the ‘must ride on the bike’ bank.

Casares is another Moorish town high on a hill but very picturesque and with its own charm. In the Aire that afternoon we met Martin & Mary, fellow Brits and first timers in Europe but who trounced us as they were on the homeward straight having been away for nearly a year. A great gas ensued that evening (+a little vino tinto) as we swapped stories and MH’img experiences.

The next day, having further explored the village, we headed for Estepona. There we parked in the marina car park and in the evening walked along the promenade. The aftermath of the previous weeks storms were still evident and the council workers were busy clearing debris from the beaches and surrounding areas. We observed that the two busiest establishments were a bar on the queside (at the fishing port) that was spilling by late afternoon and one of the 3 Irish bars (all in close proximity) which appeared to be the centre of the Estipona universe by later in the evening.

Saturday saw us move towards Marbella (as I wanted to look at all the Gin palaces in the marina & I had the latest copy of Britain’s top 20 wanted criminals- claiming a bounty would be nice – pay for another trip!).

Alas, there are no places for MH’s to stop or park and we were moved on at one suburb by local police (despite there being an area as large as Area 51 to park without affecting anyone else). Eventually we parked in a cul de sac behind millionaires row, east of the town and next to the beach and had a very pleasant evening but expecting a knock on the door from the local plod.

After an unsettled sleep, we headed off to discover the delights of Fuengirola. Parked in a designated parking area for MH’s we soon found the town to be vibrant and busy with bars and restaurants doing good business in the pleasant afternoon sun. We watched the sun go down from a local bar whilst drinking really spicy bloody Mary’s – although I considered them to be bloody dear!

Monday saw us entering week 17 since we left Livingston and now en route to Torremolinos (we had been told it was a toilet & to avoid it). It certainly wasn’t a toilet but we were suprised to find it dead compared to Fuengirola. We then treated ourselves to coffee & Churros (+chocolate to dip them in) ( these appear to be point free on the weight watchers scale as I couldn’t find them) before moving off to our designated night stop, a caravan dealers nr Malaga where we could plug in and charge our batteries as well as catch up with washing clothes, the van and other tasks.

We also thought we would repeat the ‘bloody Mary sundowners’ however this was not to be as apple juice had been purchased instead of tomato juice.Doh. On a positive note, vodka & apple juice is quite palatable.

Tuesday saw us take the bus into Malaga for a wee explore and oriamtate ourselves (as we will be having a week on a site nr Malaga from Sunday).

Today saw us travel back west, just past Fuengirola to a village called Mijas – first impressions very nice and quaint, but having walked around the market this afternoon we heard so many British voices, we could be mistaken for being in Piccadilly Circus- if it not for the fact that it was 14• and a lot of them had their tops off and tatts  out! 😀

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