More rain, Floods & excellent biking roads

Saturday saw me taking the opportunity to run up ‘the rock’ all 412 metres of it. Doesn’t sound particularly high but due to its contained size, it’s steep. Trust me.

Another tick in the box!

Run done and we headed back into Gib for a bit more shopping, a couple of beers & some people watching. By this time it was chucking it down in biblical proportions but we were lucky enough to choose a gap in the storm & make it back to the van without getting soaked. The rain continued all night and the next day with some monster size hail stones. Having surveyed the marina previously, I was of the opinion that if it continued to rain as it was, all the ‘gin palaces’ would be useless for loading animals on to, two by two.

All the roads round the border and out of town were completely flooded and Local drivers were obviously annoyed with me going slowly through deep flooding (so as not to induct water or cause a wake) & seemed to make a point of racing past, flashing their lights or tooting their horns. Oh how we laughed when we saw some of these cars conked out & abandoned further along the road!!!!

With it still raining (as if the seal had burst on a drunken elephant) we headed for the hills, spending the night at Casteller de la Frontera. On the way, we saw a plethora or rivers that had burst their banks and torrents of water cascading across fields and down valleys.

On Monday we made our way to the old village of Castillo de Castellar Viejo, high in the hills of the Los Alcornocales National Park and up steep single track roads (some of which were awash with debris off the hills) – much to Mrs Mac’s delight. And it was still raining!!!

Monday afternoon saw us arrive at Benarraba on the edge of the Serrania de Ronda mountain range. The rain had stopped, the sun was shining and the views spectacular.

We spent two days here, exploring the quaint village (been there since 13th Century), just vegging and enjoying the views.

This morning we left, heading for Ubrique (recommended by a couple we met at Benarraba) but after negotiating some of the what would be superb biking roads (on a bike & not in a 25′ long & 4.5 ton motorhome and scraping the bottom of the bull bar and the tow bar simultaneously negotiating a level crossing ( now there’s a misnomer), we revised our plan and headed for Ronda.

I was worried, having been stationed in Wales, I’d seen the Rhonda. Well this medi -evil town is nothing like it and we had a pleasant afternoon wondering round in the sun looking at the sites and marvelling at the old bridge that straddles a gorge to join the two parts of the town.

Tomorrow we will start to meander our way south towards Estepona, then Marbella, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and finally Malaga where we have a site booked for Christmas and maybe good old traditional fish or sausage, egg & chips & more English beer! 😀

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