One for his knob. Wind,the Rock & the arrival of baby Ava

Upon arrival at Rota we were soon in conversation with a Dutch guy who informed us that the huge airbase we had circumvented was in fact a US Navy base (Rota). We then started chatting to James and Katherine (+ their Welsh Sringer Oscar) fellow Brits & full timers in their van.

Having explored the beach and boardwalks with Rockydog we sat down to dinner (another meal from the Mr D – spicy chicken stew & sweet potato mash) when James asked us over for a glass of wine & a gas ( very sociable us motorhomers don’t you think?).

So we joined them and gassed, gassed & gassed until I was aware of both girls saying “and one for his knob”. I did wonder what type of party this was, thinking maybe wearing my gimp mask & mankini had given the wrong impression. Luckily all was explained when it transpired it’s a phrase from the card game Crib and both girls were fans. So a date was made for the following evening for the girls to play Crib.

In the morning we cycled into Rota, along the prom and as fas as USNB Rota where we could see the silhouette of 7 massive US ships in the mist.

Tuesday afternoon saw the girls start playing Crib in the last of the afternoon sun before adjourning for dinner and another couple of hands.

On Wednesday we had planned to take the hydrofoil to Cadiz so having cycled to Rota in a seriously strong head wind, it was no surprise to find the service cancelled.

Back to the van and we upped sticks and headed for Cadiz in wind, wind, wind & rain.

We found parking in a large car park on the edge of the port, parked up and headed into the city to explore. Small and very interesting.

I also received a text from Neil to say that his daughter Ava Lily Mackenzie had been born (St Andrews day baby). Congratulations to Neil & Anja.

About 8 pm there was an almighty racket started on the edge of the car park (outside a jazz club). Think the opening sequence of live & let die (bloody awful jaz trumpet playing) but 300 X worse. We gave it 30 minutes or so & moved to the opposite end of the car park. We could still here it but at least it wasn’t going to keep us awake.

We left Cadiz heading for La Linea de la Concepcion (the Spanish mainland attached to Gibraltar) . We travelled via Cape Trafalgar, scene of the famous battle where Admiral Nelson defeated the joint French & Spanish armadas.

We arrived in La Linea after traversing very wet roads and parked up at the marina and headed across the border to the Horshoe ( known by Jack & the local squaddies as ‘ the donkeys flip flop’ for a pint of English beer (& a Bloody Mary for Mrs Mac) to wet Ava’s head!

Today we went back to Gib for a full English breakfast at Morrisons before Mrs Mac went off ‘tyre kicking’ in the local jewellery shops and I went cycling around the island.


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