Cliff top walks, rain & Port.

So having arrived at the motorhome park and it being 5 minutes walk from amazing cliff top walks and a huge beach, Mrs Mac decided we were staying. This decision seemed to get a massive ‘paws up’ from Rockydog.

Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, the weather turned miserable with rain and storms and a temperature of about 12 degrees.

Due to being ‘confined to barracks’ the dish went up & after 10 mins I was fed up of Sky news on the loop telling me about President elect Trump & hurricane Angus. All joking aside, we hope no one reading this or their friends or family have been affected.

Monday saw a wee cycle into Albufurah – only 8.5km (but 8.5 km uphill, there and back it seemed – how does that work?). Knackered does not describe it.

Tuesday – this morning saw us head for Faro, via the only motorhome service/ accessory dealer in the Algarve where although we were very disciplined, we still managed to spend 150€ on bits n bobs & nice to haves!

So here we are in Faro. Parked on an Aire in the centre of the town. Across from us is another Auto-Trail, B reg (1985) and we got the impression that ‘ John’ has not spoken to another Brit for a while!!!!

We had a visit to the large shopping centre (1st one since leaving UK) and immediately noticed they were playing Christmas music – first time we’ve been aware of it here ( & we’ve been in Portugal a month). Christmas isn’t rammed down your throat from July onwards, however the church bells tonight have been ringing the tune of Jingle Bells, on the hour, every hour. Arghhhh.

So it will be Farrell to Faro tomorrow  but after a wee trip to the supermarket at the said shopping centre as it has the hugest selection of Gins we’ve ever seen ( one at 60%) and a humongous selection of Port – yes we still have a few nooks n crannies to stash a bottle or two.

We’re  hoping to visit a couple more places recommended to us by fellow travellers on our way out of Portugal before heading to Saville possibly for the weekend.

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