Holidays, visitor & Plans

On Thursday 10 November we arrived at a pre- booked site for our well earned holiday – we’ve been travelling for 13 weeks, so we figured we deserved some luxury (facilities on a par with a good 4* hotel) + we were having a visitor for 5 days, our good friend Jason.

In preparation for this we hired a car and had a wee tour round the local area and nearby resort of Playa de Luz – made famous by the disappearance of Madalin McCann!

Saturday saw us head to the airport via Carveira where we had previously holiday’s for coffee and lemon merangue pie. Here we met a couple who drive to the Algarve every year, rent an apartment for the winter and watch the sun go down over a bottle of Port. Oh and they take back 180 litres of Port!!!!

We collected Jason and headed back to chez Mac n Sarah for a catch up over a few beers!

Sunday saw a wee drive to Cape Sao Vincent, the most westerly point of mainland Europe, Sagres and home for a BBQ and beer as the sun went down.

Monday saw Jason and I cycling to Lagos – not particularly far but hilly and challenging, both ways, especially when We were pushing each other!!!!

Tuesday saw us take a drive back up to the mountains in Monchique and the the observatory , the highest point in the Algarve (902m) before sampling one of the roadside restaurants for lunch – did I mention the garlic – surprised you can’t smell me still.

Jason left on Wednesday and that saw us just mosey around , relax and decide a plan for the next week or so.

Previously when walking around the marina in Lagos, I’d seen one of the ‘English type bars’ serving fish n chips. Not normally somewhere I would naturally gravitate to when abroad but I had a bit of a hankering, so Thursday night was fish night. It was fabulous!

So the plan is, Friday (today) head to a motor home park on the east side of Albufurah for a night or two.

Thats possibly the plan out the window as Mrs Mac loves it.

Watch this space.

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