Gin palaces & budge smuglers.

Our next location was the light house at Caveleiro where we parked on the top of cliffs on a sandy track. Having explored the headland, eaten lunch(alfresco on the terrace) & soaked up the sun, the skies started to darken and a quick check of the Internet confirmed a massive storm was inbound. We took the decision that although the location was great for sun, it wasnt great for a storm and re-located to a large parking area at Almograve. There were another 4 MH’s parked up also.

Having had dinner and settled down relaxing, there was a knock at the door. It was ‘plod’ who told us we couldn’t park there as it was part of the national park. We weren’t moved on, but we have a ticket (all in Portuguese ) & plod couldn’t tell me if it was a fine or what? Time will tell?

Next day saw us head inland to Messejana, an old Moorish town. I have to say, it was nothing special apart from knitted lamp post covers! Bizarre . On the plus side, the Aire had 16amp electricity so we took advantage and charged our batteries.

With the start of the weekend, we headed to Callas de Monchique in the Monchique mountains. The drive through the mountain pass was spectacular and we were surprised to see shale (a red slate type rock) because we had to do a double check and make sure we weren’t back in west Lothian but a quick glance at the scenery confirmed we weren’t .

The air we stayed on had a cliff top location and outlook. We took the opportunity to don our walking boots and explore some of the hillside trails.

Weekend over, we headed to the town of Portimao where we stayed at a commercial Aire capable of holding 500 vans! Nothing special but convenient for the town & beach which are both very nice. A walk round the marina allowed us to witness floating gin palace after gin palace and even bigger gin palaces. How the other half live ! Lol.

We were speaking to some Dutch folk who had been there 6 weeks and intended to stay at that same location for another 6 months. From our perspective we found that a bit bizzare – have van – will travel.

And travel we have. Today finds us in Lagos, approximately 5 miles along the coast. We had been told by a few people about an Aire for military/police personnel & families but at the moment it remain illusive to us, so we are parked in the municipal Aire where Brits are in the majority (normally we are the minority) & the talk is of  Trumps election win.

On a closure, the lady parked next to us has just returned from a swim at the sports centre across the road. Apparently, Men have to wear Speedos (no long shorts allowed) , flip flops & a swim cap. Glad I packed my flowery swim hat – sure you can picture it!!!!!!

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