Solar panel envy, poo & puppies.

As we’ve already proved, there is no real plan, so having arrived at the beach with the intention of staying 1 night, we ended up staying 4!

I’m sure, had been motor home facilities there, we would still be sitting on that beach.

By the end of 4 days, our batteries were flat and our toilet cassette full. I also discovered that our solar panel was not charging at its optimum and after some online research discovered that some of the settings of the charging unit were incorrect. All changed & fingers crossed.

A German parked on the same beach had a bank of solar panels and kept moving them in line with the sun. Not sure what the Portuguese authorities think of theft, but I was certainly tempted. Think a set might have to go on my letter to Santa.

A Dutch couple arrived on Saturday night with a Lhaso appso and a Burmeise mountain dog puppy. Very playful and bouncy and the same size as Rockydog- and only 3 months old!

We left the beach on Monday morning and drove to a service point to empty our full toilet cassette. Every time we went over a bump or round a corner we had visions of it ‘spelling out’. Luckily it didn’t and I think we were being over sensitive.

Monday night was spent in the car park of a supermarket that had a bank of washers/dryers in its car park. All washing up to date.

Tuesday morning we met a young Brit couple also motor homing round Europe. During the day we bumped into them every where we went. They must have thought we were stalking them, especially when we arrived at our chosen stop for the night to find them there and set up. Hey ho. They were invited for a social. Accepted and today there has been that ‘hungover feeling’ all round.

Our chosen view tonight is a headland 3km north of Vila Nova de Milfontes and looking out onto the Atlantic waves crashing on to a large outcrop of rock.


4 thoughts on “Solar panel envy, poo & puppies.

  1. Glad you both are having fun!! Including all your learning in camper vanning lol enjoy, stay safe and keep us updated!! Mark and lesley xx


  2. glad you both are having a good time i like to read your wee stories they are cool hope yous are well take care say hi to rockyboy x<3


  3. Must admit we envy you. With the cold and grey weather settling in here in Germany. Have a fantastic Autumn 🍂 and take care. Hi to Mrs. Mac and Rocky dog.


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