Portugal and another beach

We were so enchanted by Lagartera that we stayed another night, having an ‘admin day’ and then returning to the bar where we had enjoyed a beer the previous evening, to be greeted as ‘honourable locals’.

The next day we headed off to Caseres, a walled city steeped in history with a vibrant city square full of eateries and bars. We stayed on the Aire and we’re glad we arrived early (1200hrs) as after we returned from exploring the city, the Aire was overflowing with vans parked in the remaining car parking slots. A very nice meal and a few beers were enjoyed in one of the restaurants. Amusingly, in the afternoon we had mastered the local bus into town (1€ each). The journey took about 10 minutes and deposited us in the new town- approximately 10 minutes walk from the old town where we wanted to be. We discovered we could walk to the old town, from the Aire in 10 minutes!

Saturday saw us heading for Badajoz on the Spanish side of the border with Portugal. Another amazing walled city stemming from when the Arabs ruled this part of the world and can be seen in the culture and the architecture. We were able to walk along the city walls, all around the city. The Aire in Badajoz is next to a park and on the banks of the river. The park looked recently opened with public multi gyms and running trails. On Sunday morning the park was busy with runners and families attending some large organised event which was nice to see.

We departed on Monday for Portugal and within minutes were across the border. First stop Elves where we explored as much as possible being a Monday- everything closed and hesitated about staying the night but decided to head off into the hills to Monsaraz – a village perched on a hill overlooking the largest man made lake in Europe (Barragem de Alqueva). For those that know Culross in Scotland- think older and on a hill with a fabulous view. We had intended to eat in one of the small restaurants in the  village but the weather put paid to that – it lashed it down accompanied by thunder, lightning and more rain. We were just pleased we were on the top of a hill or we might have been looking for a part ex deal on an Arc.

Tuesday saw us head to Lisbon. The original plan was to stay at a pre identified Aire to the south of the city and get the ferry. Upon arrival the Aire was ‘no longer’ so a nearby site was hastily found.

Wednesday was spent exploring Lisbon. It’s like San Francisco of Europe. It has a similar bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge and tram cars similar to SF’s that run through narrow streets, up and down hills with barely a knats whisker to spare.

Yesterday saw us depart our campsite and drive approximately 10 km south to where we are currently parked on a beach facing the Atlantic Ocean, listening to the waves crashing on the beach and have been basking in mid twenties temperatures.

Think we might head off tomorrow

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