Stingray & Castrol R

Well, it’s true. Things can change in the next 30 minutes. Just after publishing the last post, we were speaking to a Dutch couple who informed us that Wednesday 12th October was a public holiday in Spain (Columbus day) so we decided to stay another day.

The next day (Tuesday) I was up and  out, determined to cycle down to San Sebastián and back up the hill again. Well I did it. 276 M climb in 3km – and I was knackered!

The rest of the day was another visit to the town, a few more sights and sampling of the local cider and some more pinxtos ( I’d earned it)!

So we left and headed to Berriozar (4km from Pamplona) where the Aire was purpose built and within a new town (Scottish friends- think Craigshill without graffiti, knives & unemployment).

Great place. Buses every 20 mins to Pamplona and a nice bar nearby. There was also a wonderful woodland walk for Rockydog and a fabulous mountain biking/road trail that just about killed me!

So, where are we now? When parked at Le Petit Nice (the free Aire south of the dunes), we met a German guy who informed us regarding the 6 day enduro event. So we are here, parked up in the sun drinking beer with the smell of Castrol R floating in the air (ask a biker). Don’t know much about enduro stuff but makes me feel like asking ‘can I have a go?’

And tomorrow? We think we are heading south west (migrating) and should be in Portugal this time next week. 😎


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