Sea, Surf and 276 m above sea level

So the answer is, we stayed another night. In fact, we stayed a total of 4 nights! The beach was fabulous and Rocky enjoyed having that facility a ‘ball throw’ away.  The cycle paths were wonderful.  Mile upon mile of beautifully paved path for our enjoyment!  And, hardy anyone using them!!

During our stay here we met a couple from the UK who also had an Autotrail (van the same make as ours) and also a couple from Germany. We had a great social with both couples one evening.  Our new friends from the UK were motorhoming with their 4 dogs (2 x Rhodesian Ridgeback & 2 x Jack Russell) plus their parrot; proving to us that just one dog (us with Rocky) is nothing!!

After enjoying the free parking, beach and cycling for 4 days, we decided that it really was time to move on. Plus the fact we were virtually out of water and the batteries needed recharging!  So off we headed to Biarritz.


Anglets & Biarritz – 2 nights

So, a drive to Biarritz, on a Friday (should’ve planned that better, it’s always busy on Fridays) took us through the heavy traffic around Bayonne to a lovely place called Anglets. Where the surf was pounding and there were more wet suit wearing, surf board carrying folk than you could shake a stick at.  Our entertainment was provided by a Frenchman who decided that instead of parking his camping car the same as everyone else, he would park perpendicular to us. Burk!!!!!

Saturday saw us take a trip on the local bus to Biarritz. Made famous by Napoleon, this can only really be described as an upmarket French Scarborough, for beautiful people!

San Sebeastain – present day

Sunday saw us drive about 60 miles and across the border to San Sebastian. We headed to the only aire in the city for some more free camping, only to find it chockers + probably too small for us to fit comfortably in a designated slot. No problem. Out with the book. Nearby campsite identified. Co-ordinates input to ‘sally satnav’ and away we go. Well the road got narrower & narrower and steeper and steeper so that we were crawling along in 1st gear only. Great until you get to a switchback that requires some backwards and forwards to negotiate it! On arrival at the site (276 m above sea level), the reception said ‘ you should have followed the signs’. Over a coffee, we also saw in the notes section of our sites guide – ignore sat nav and follow signs. All very good, but we never saw any signs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today (Monday) we had a jolly jaunt down into San Sebastian where we orientated ourselves using the open top city bus tour and sampled Pintxo (pronounced Pincho) which are small snacky savoury dishes that you pay for on an ‘honesty system’ – for more info, google.

So where to next? We’re on the move again tomorrow, maybe towards Pamplona and maybe a visit to the Circuito de Navarra which is currently staging the world 6 day enduro motorcycle event, but as they used to say in Stingray – anything can happen in the next 30 minutes 🙂


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