Friends of friends

As indicated in our last post, we were heading to meet and stay with friends of Jason. Those of you who know Jason probably also know that he is fluent in French (whilst he’s effluent in many other things, lol) and he spent a while out here working as an English language assistant and acquiring a passion for French wines, cheese and brandy! He felt it was only right that we too were indoctrinated into his passion and who better than Sylvie (an English teacher who worked with Jason 20+ yrs ago) & her husband Jean-Michel to enlighten us.

So we pitched up at Sylvie & JM’s place in the country and proceeded to negotiate Angus the Auto-Trail through the gates with maybe an inch to spare either side!!!!

Parked up and the Pastice (Pernod) and wine was flowing. Then off to a local restaurant for dinner before retiring full of excellent food and drink.

The remainder of the 4 days we were with Sylvie & JM’s were much the same but involved us meeting a number of their friends, both French and English who all made us most welcome and with whom we had so much fun.

This weekend also saw the arrival of the latest English assistant at Nirac secondary school. His name is Mike Ross and he is from the USA.

As you can guess, some of conversations during the weekend centred around Scottish independence, Brexit and the forth coming presidential election in America.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making us feel so welcome, allowing us into your homes and be part of the ‘real France’.

So, where are we now? Parked in a small aire in the town of Port Ste Foy Et Ponchapt between Bergerac and Bordeaux on the banks of the Dordogne.

Tomorrow we head for Bordeaux, then maybe to Dune Du Pyla ( largest sand dunes in Europe) before starting to mosey south towards Spain.

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