Millau and onwards.

After our Saturday nights free camping we headed south on the A75 (E11) towards Millau and the ‘bridge in the clouds’ designed by Brit, Norman Foster. The A75 is described as an amazing road and we can’t disagree- it rises and falls often between 200 & 1100 metres with vehicles over 3.5tonnes or towing trailers limited to 50kph on some descents.

We arrived at the Millau bridge and headed for the visitors centre. The original plan was to cross the bridge, stop and Mrs Mac was going to BASE jump using her big knickers as a parachute but the toll of 35€ put paid to that idea!!!

We spent the night at a site in the town and explored same, discovering it is famous for leather goods, especially gloves. Mrs Mac was taken by a pair of gold coloured full arm length gloves with a fur cuff and diamond sequins but with ‘tart monkey ‘ head on, I persuaded her she didn’t need them. Need and want are 2 entirely separate things!

Monday saw us drive  only a few miles to Roquefort and a tour of the Society cheese caves. This is blue cheese fermented underground in cellars cooled by air flowing through cavities in the rock face. Differently to other blue cheeses, the blue is caused by mixing penicillin with the ‘mix’.

Tuesday saw us travelling further south on the A75 and some dramatic downhill gradients towards Carcason.

Having identified a site for a couple of nights, Wednesday was taken up with a cycle along the tow path of the canal du midi to Carcason and exploration of the ancient walled city. It’s now ticked off ofMrs Mac’s list. There is confusion around this being the castle used by Disney to model their castle on. It is not (I believe that is in Germamy) however as soon as you walk across the draw bridge, you could be within the castle at Disney land – they have obviously modelled the inside on Carcason. There are restaurants, eateries & tart shops selling everything you’ll never need (& made in China).

So on to today and a pleasant 8 mile drive to a country park and lake ( La Cavaere lake) where upon arrival we walked Rockydog round the lake and he got to dig the sand and swim to his contentment before wehad a pleasant afternoon soaking up some rays of sunshine.

And the plan is to stay here tonight and get Rockydog a good walk and swim before heading for Toulouse and then Agen tomorrow evening to meet up with friends of Jason.

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