Il pleat comme cache qui pisse.

The title says it all – its pissing down.

We’ve had a change of weather here which had a wee change to the itineary.

On Wednesday night we had a massive thunder storm, lightening and lashings of rain.

We left Gigny sur Soar on Thursday and made our way SW, stopping at Charrols  for a wee wander and photo opportunity. Quaint little town built on a river & canals (with some properties having their own bridges across the small canal behind them).

We stayed Thursday night  at a free aire at a small marina at   Melay  – nothing exciting except it was free and the following morning there was a local market so baguettes and cakes we bought.

We then headed to Clermont Ferrand in order to traverse the Puys du Dome (extinct volcano). It’s approximately the height of Ben Nevis. Having arrived at the aire at the visitors centre, we were informed that overnight parking was no longer allowed – for preserving the environment. Bizarre really as thay’ve laid tonnes of Tarmac, built a visitors centre, tram system to the top and topped it off with a radio transmitter on the top!!!! Rant over, we decamped to a nearby aire where it pi***d it down.

Today, we had intended to return to Puy du Dome to either walk to the top or at least take the tram but due to the weather (& a check of the webcam at the summit) it was decided rain stops play all round. The weather has changed so much that we both had to dig out long trousers & fleeces! 😟

A wee bimble  to Issoire where lunch was consumed before making our way to Usson ( voted one of Frances prettiest villages) which sits on its own hill at 570 metres and has its basilica and statue a further 100 metres higher up the hill.

Then it was off to another free nights camping at the quaint village of Le Brevil  sur Couze, from where I am writing this whilst watching Dads army on TV.

Re photos – they take up loads of space on the blog so I am currently working on an alternative viewing platform, Ie Flickr  – any feedback or advise greatly appreciated.

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