End of rally. On our own!

Whilst camped at Remoulins, the majority of the group opted for a canoe session on the river from Colliers for about 8kms. However, Mrs Mac and I decided to be different (as always) and chose to cycle to Uzes (approx. 15 miles). This is the town that is the source for the water that flowed across the aquaduct bridge of the Pont du Gard, to Nimes. So yes, you’ve guessed it, it was uphill there! The town itself was superb. Enclosed within a wall and not touristy (so no real ‘made in china tat’ obvious to us). We had a nice lunch in the square, where it appeared we were a few of the handful of tourists they get on a daily basis whilst the majority of patrons appeared to be local and knew each other (kissing on cheeks, arms in the air, exclamations etc….).

Saturday saw us moving north to our present location (Gigny sur Soar). Approx. 100km north of Lyon. Having encountered the jam packed piage two weeks previous we made a conscious decision to leave early and stay on the ‘route nationals’ and avoid hefty tolls. All went well until we were on the free motorway that encircles Lyon and traffic came to a standstill and we were diverted off and through the city centre. Brian the snail (from the magic roundabout) was made to look like an Olympic sprinter compared to the progress we were making!!!!!!!! Note to self – been to Lyon twice – it ain’t happening a third time J.  We subsequently found out that the road was closed due to a fire at a nearby oil refinery and smoke going across the road.

So here we are at the last site on the rally. It is very nice, one of the Castiles Camping group (they also do statics and glamping) and are apparently very very popular with the Brits. Having walked around the site with Rockydog, we would surmise that 80% of the clientele are Brits.

Monday night was a farewell meal in the site restaurant (which was tremendous –beef bourginion – seemed like we had ½ a cow each !!!!). Mrs Mac had composed a poem covering the last three weeks events and presented it to the goup, which was greatly received. Then it was farewells all round. Everyone we met on the rally has been great, really friendly and; in some cases, inspirational.  Selfishly, we’ve bled them all dry as we’ve interrogated them on ‘so how’s that done / work? where’s that site / place? Etc.!  Thank you to you all!  We look forward to meeting you again during our travels.

The majority (14 vans) left on Tuesday, leaving ourselves and 3 other vans, so the remainder of the ‘rally wine’ was consumed that evening. Also, a further visit to the restaurant made, where; without boring you (or making you hungry) I won’t go into detail regarding the menu except to say that Mrs Mac and I shared a starter of Oefs????? (poached eggs on toast in a redwine burgundy gravy).  Not a combination I would put together but I have to say were superb!!

So; now everyone has left and we are on our lonesome. Today we are having an admin day, washing and general good tidy up day before heading off tomorrow.

We have an itinerary of sorts and intend going south west (so we can avoid Lyon!) to Macon then Saint Etienne eventually down towards the Millau bridge (bridge in the clouds – designed by a brit, Norman Foster), then to the beautiful Carcassonne for a couple of days, and eventually arriving at the French Atlantic coast near to Biarritz before heading south into Spain and then Portugal.

We have booked sites in Portugal (a week in November) and Cadiz in Spain for two weeks during the Christmas, New Year period.

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