Pony du Gard

Yo yo yo.

We’re now on about day 24 since we left Livingston and this finds us at Remoulins in the South of France.

We left Saint Marie de la Mare yesterday to travel to our present location going via the ancient walled city of  Augues Mortes on the south west peninsula of the Camargue region.

A very pleasant city that was virtually deserted by the 1970’s when it was declared a conservation city and residents invited to live there and form a new community and the city restored. It’s also on a canal with large houseboats moored either side. All in all, a very pleasant couple of hours.

Having arrived at this site in late afternoon we prepared ourselves for an evening of wine and cheese tasting with the group. Brilliant night and surprisingly no hangover this morning. I think in the past we’ve stopped drinking when drunk. Now realise you just have to ‘power’ through that period🍷👍

Today we visited the Pont du Gard which is the biggest (& only 3 tier) Roman aquaduct bridge. Please note the terminology – the aquaduct pipe was actually enclosed in the bridge. We were lucky enough to walk across the bridge through the pipe – spectacular and fabulous engineering. I keep asking how long would that take to build these days and how much would it cost etc. etc.   The only feasible answer I come up with is that it couldn’t be done!!!

Rockydog is loving this location as its on the banks of the river Pont and I don’t think he’s been dry since he arrived.

Piccys – selfie at Pont du Gard & Mrs Mac in the aquaduct pipe within the Pont du Gard

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