Avignon and Saint – Remy- de- Provence



Palais du Popes – (Mrs Mac has ideas now for some ‘statement feature’ around our front door!!


Me and Rockydog relaxing – He’s a good looking boy. Rockydog’s not bad too J


Pont du Avignon

Firstly, thanks to all our followers and readers. We viewed the stats part of the blog and were astounded by the number of times ‘The Blog’ has been viewed. I know I viewed it 3 or 4 times when I set it up to see if it was working but certainly nowhere near the number of ‘hits’ we’ve had. Thanks again.

Mrs Mac and I explored Avignon which is quite amazing. We didn’t venture into the Palace of the Popes but my understanding was that this was their home until the ‘new build’ at the Vatican was built (under a PFI initiative?). There has been a city at Avignon since time immemorial so there’s loads of old stuff to see and do.

The site at Avignon was within walking distance but with one drawback for us oldies! There was Krapeoke and stuff most nights from the bar near to our pitches. Mrs Mac was close to murdering the young child singing ‘Let it Go’ (from Disney’s Frozen movie – not her favorite anyway) but certainly not sung badly at 23;30 hrs and in French!!!!

Monday saw us move a short distance to our present location, Saint – Remy de Provence, one of, if not the oldest towns in France. Again full of culture and old old stuff; and, has the biggest market we’ve ever seen on a Wednesday and crammed into the village centre, selling loads of ‘stuff’ you don’t need. Note markets in France tend to be for tourists and tend to be dearer than the shops!

At the rear of this campsite is a gate leading to a fast flowing stream and woodland area. Great for walking Rockydog! However, he decided to jump in the stream and was carried really quickly away with the current before turning round and paddling like ***k to just tread water, with a panic look on his face. I leaned over the sloping bank (with Sarah having hold of my legs due to the steepness) and grabbed hold of Rockydog’s collar to yank him out, except on doing so, his collar came off! We eventually got him out a few moments later at a lower piece of banking. He wasn’t keen to go near the water the next day!  Mrs Mac did say that for a few moments she thought she was going to be left with no husband, no dog and just a pair of crocs and a collar!  (Is that a win win for Mrs Mac?!?!?…… maybe not about the crocs!!)

This afternoon/evening, Mrs Mac is away on a tour with the group to The Camargue to see the Pink Flamingos. I thought it was maybe a dodgy bar, a pop group (new boy band maybe?) or at least an alcoholic cocktail, but no it’s definately them big pink birds. The fact that they live in swampland, I decided discretion is the better part of valor and stayed back to avoid the mozzy and midgie bites. I’ve had enough already without going and presenting myself to them as a human sacrifice!

It was also a good chance to get out on my push bike and do a couple of mountain roads and climbs (always a good idea in 30 degree sunshine). Managed 28 miles but I enjoyed it so much I might do some of it again tomorrow morning in place of my run. J  Rockydog had some quality ‘downtime’ in the motorhome, with air con on, relaxing safely away from the 30 degree heat whilst I did that little jaunt!

Finally, people have asked for more piccys and will try and post some without words. Finding posting piccys much easier from my phone than the laptop.






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