Days 11 +++++

Bonjour mes   amee.

Well as you can see by the title, I’m losing track of days so from now on I’ll title my posts differently.

The day after our wine tasting was market day in the village. We headed down on our bikes for a mosey. As we left, we met a couple from our group who had just returned on their ‘electric bikes’ armed with a local cycling map. They mentioned a nearby canal (approximately 12KM away) but said that was a bit far! This appears to have been a gauntlet for Mrs Mac as approximately an hour and a bit later we were cycling along said canal in 35• heat having passed through vineyard after vineyard.

We returned shortly after 1400hrs and relaxed for the afternoon before a group meal at the site restaurant.

We left Merssault on Saturday morning for our present location, Avignon. The journey here was nothing short of Shiite. It’s only 250 miles but took the best part of 6 hrs using a mixture of slow national routes and piage (that was probably slower due to the volume of traffic) The 40• heat didn’t help and we witnessed some of the worse driving ever seen!!!!!

Today was a group trip to the ancient city of Arles – founded in 46BC.  The trip started with a 3 hr boat ride to Arles then a walking tour of the city . Mrs Mac opted to stay and dog sit for Rockydog and Mick ( a west highland terroir also on the trip).

Tomorrow is a day for us to explore our locale, the walled city of Avignon (Avignon- not the Brian Ferry song, Avalon – bet you’ll be singing that now) 😎


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