Days 8, 9 & 10

Good evening. Hope this finds everyone well.

Having left Arras on Tuesday morning, we headed for Epernay, the heart of champagne country. We arrived about 1500hrs and proceeded to explore the town however having found the tourists information office we headed back to the van to cool Rockydog down as the temperature was 28+.

A further exploration ensued however we were too late to do any tours of champagne houses – might have to add that to the re-visit list!

Wednesdat 24th was spent making our way to Merssault south of Dijon to join up with the Auto-Trail owners club rally. We ended up using the piage (toll road) for quickness. Knew they were expensive but now know how expensive. 300km = 55€.

Having joined the rally (in the heart of the burgundy region) there was the obligatory get together last night, introduction & ice breaker. Mrs Mac true to her form was on top of her game!

Today we had a wine tasting at a local winery. You’ll not find it hard to believe that I couldn’t tell the difference between a good wine and a really superdoopa gabby wine. I was just glad there was no Buckfast!

Its been 35• today and Rockydog has found it hard however really pleased the previous owner of our ‘home’ installed air con. We (& Rockydog) can confirm it works a treat!

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